Arzan qimat fans


arzan qimat fans

Arzan Qimat is located in the eastern part of Kabul, Afghanistan, near to the pol e charkha prison of Kabul. The official and modern name of Arzan Qimat(ارزان قیمت) is Ahmad Shah Baba Mena district no.12 Kabul city. Locals call it Arzan Kimat, It is actually quite a beautiful and peaceful place. The district has new buildings, an asphalt way and many markets and shops.
This project was ready for distribution by the Municipal Office in Kabul in 1993. The project was for sale just to the Afghan government poor workers and employees. The price of each 180 m2 was 2.5 US dollars (5200 Afghani rupees). The project was distributed through the Afghanistan Central Council of Trade Unions. Pul Charkhi is 20 km from Kabul city. In 1983, it was just a hostile patch of desert. Today, it is covered by countless recently constructed mud-brick houses, interspersed with the private villas of venturesome repatriates.
It did not have electricity until 2008. There is no water supply in the district so people access underground water by a pump or by other methods.